Welcome to SourceTV Ghana – WhatsApp TV Launch

Today 23rd September of 2022 we are proud and happy to launch SourceTV WhatsApp TV in Ghana

What is SourceTV?

SourceTV is Ghana's 1st Innovative WhatsApp TV established to deliver daily optimum fun/entertainment, education, information, job opportunity, giveaways & more right there on your WhatsApp Status.

SourceTV WhatsApp TV Launched in Ghana

How can you become a member of Source Nation?

Joining Source TV is a simple as A, B, C. Follow this 3 Steps to Join the Growing SourceTV Ghana Community

Step 1: Save 055 266 5497 in your contact as SourceTV
Step 2: Send your *Name* and *Location* to SourceTV via WhatsApp (e.g. Edwina, Tema, Accra)
Step 3: Slide to your WhatsApp Status Menu and enjoy SourceTV

By the way, you can also click on the button below

“SourceTV is Ghana's 1st Innovative Edutainment WhatsApp TV bringing daily optimum entertainment, education, informative, job opportunity, giveaways & more right there on your WhatsApp Status.”

SourceTV Ghana

What to expect from SourceTV WhatsApp TV

Being the 1st innovative WhatsApp TV in Ghana's we aim to be your One Source which is better than Two of Something Else when it comes to Entertaining, Educative, Informative, Job Opportunity Content, Giveaways & more.

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